4 Secret Legends of the Siamese Cat

A companion worth seeking out

Jamie Golob
8 min readAug 25, 2020
Image by Jamie Golob

Slender, graceful, the epitome of elegance, the Siamese breed will forever hold my heart as it has many others throughout the ages.

With their striking features, affectionate nature, and elusive gaze, Siamese cats have earned a fascinating history full of mystic and adventure dating as far back as the 14th century. Once highly prized by emperors and royals the pitter-patter of their umber paws now grace even the humblest of abodes across the globe.

One of the oldest known breeds on record, the earliest mention of a cat matching the Siamese appearance and description rests in the pages of the “Tamra Maew” (“The Cat-Book Poems”), a collection of ancient manuscripts from the Ayutthaya Kingdom. In faded ink, the writer addresses the breed as the “Pointed”, a reference no doubt to the distinct markings of darkened points… feet, tail, ears, and masked face. Within this sacred description, it’s also asserted by the monks that the Siamese cat …

“…should be sought after as they would bring great honor and prosperity to their owner.”

The legend begins.

Fast forward to the year 1884. Europe. The British Consul-General Blencowe Gould has just gifted his sister with a stunning pair of Siamese cats from Thailand. She…



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